Shirley Kidwell

anonymous 5 years, 5 months ago on Putting a face on Callaway's homeless

We are all just one lie from being homeless. Here in our own county, a longtime business that operated successfully for several decades with honesty and integrity has been destroyed and over a hundred people put out of work, some people losing their homes, because a greedy lawyer lied, and spread his lies around the state to other lawyers to enrich himself and his friends. Don't think it can't happen. I didn't believe the legal system could destroy the innocent without proof or even access to a courtroom, but that is our legal system today. We are all just one false allegation from losing our jobs, our homes and being on the street. Without the money to fight, one loses. We don't always know why people become homeless, and I know it is embarrassing and painful to see those who may have been your employer or friend in an earlier time, who may have helped you through difficult times. They are embarrassed and in pain, too. Help the homeless. You may be the next to be a victim.