PolarBear 2 years, 10 months ago on Engineer from Fulton considers teaching career

This is not the full article. They do not put the whole article online. Notice that it says under the article "To finish reading this article, please pick up a copy of The Fulton Sun at a newsstand nearest you or become a subscriber by calling (573) 642-7272".


PolarBear 4 years ago on FHS to switch from block to hourly schedule

Actually Advocator, the students was given a note about the schedule change about 2 and half weeks ago and then there was talk around the school about the schedule change for several months before that. So I'm not psychic, but it would be cool if I was.


PolarBear 4 years ago on Fulton schools do away with early release days

Advocator, if you knew anything then you would know that the high school is going back to 7 block scheduling.