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Callaway native wins poster competition

Callaway native wins poster competition

May 11th, 2012 in News

With his graduation just around the corner, a Callaway County native recently won a research poster competition at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Aaron Attebery, a 2006 North Callaway graduate, took first place in the Chancellor's Fellows Research Poster Presentation, out of a field of 27 graduate students.

Working on his graduate degree in mechanical engineering, Attebery based his poster on his research into internal combustion engines - particularly advanced combustion modes and homogeneous charge compression ignition.

"To put it in layman's terms, I'm looking into a hybrid between gasoline and diesel," Attebery said, a topic he said he chose because, "there's lots of interest there due to the ever-increasing cost of crude oil."

"They are significantly more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, and the NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions are near zero," he said.

Attebery said the biggest challenge was trying to condense all of his work into one poster.

"We're talking tons of research," he said. "You had to take a 200-page thesis and try to explain it all in layman's terms on one poster."

According to Elaine Light, a program/project specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies, Attebery's ability to achieve that goal is what secured his first-place finish.

"The judges consistently noted both the high quality of Aaron's research and his ability to clearly explain his research in the question and answer session," Light said.