Fulton school foundation announces classroom grants

Fulton school foundation announces classroom grants

May 13th, 2018 by Special to the Fulton Sun in Local News

While most Fulton Public School teachers are focused on winding down the school year, 14 recent classroom grants from the Fulton Public Schools Foundation have several teachers already well into their 2018-19 year's work.

Each year, the foundation awards classroom grants of $500-$1,000 to assist with projects and activities not funded by the current budget. For the coming year, there will be 14 grants totaling $9,500 to assist in bringing valuable learning to students.

A sampling of upcoming projects includes:

"We were so lucky to have the grant for our STEAM Lab this year because it allowed us to give our younger students experiences with technology that they otherwise would not have access to," Josh Howard said. "We had students designing video games, creating animated video, coding programs, and even developing and printing their own 3D designs. It was very rewarding to see our kids so excited and energized to learn with these new and innovative instructional tools — tools we wouldn't have access to without the generosity of the Fulton Public Schools Foundation."

Howard said he received a grant last year and now, another one.

"We are very excited to get started with next year's grant," he added. "We are introducing a Film Production Club at the high school where students will have an opportunity to receive instruction and hands on experience creating films and news features to tell a story not only for Fulton High School, but for our community in general. We know that FPS develops a diverse and talented group of students that have a lot to say about the world — this grant will give them a chance to share those stories with the world."

For a look at some of the projects funded during this current year, visit the Callaway Bank's Fifth Street window. Display boards of the projects highlight activities and outcomes. They will be available until May 21. Boards will be changed out every few days so a variety of projects can be featured..

Classroom grant funds for the coming year were provided by class gifts to the foundation in 2017 by the FHS reunion classes of 1952 (65th), 1962 (55th), 1967 (50th), 1972 (45th) 1977 (40th) and 1997 (20th). As classes hold reunions each year, many choose to have a campaign and make a class gift to the foundation to support the classroom grants program or purchase items from the district wish list.

If your class is holding a reunion in 2018 or 2019 and wishes to participate, please contact Diane Burre Ludwig, FHS '64, executive director at 642-4664, exdir@FultonSchoolsFoundation.org or visit the website at FultonSchoolsFoundation.org and click on Reunions.