Auxvasse council hears from citizens

Tuesday night’s city council meeting was spent primarily on hearing complaints from local residents regarding issues with bills and neighbors.

Tammy Brown spoke with the council at length regarding a recent high water bill.

Brown expressed frustration regarding the $305 bill for 20,000 gallons of water, which she said she didn’t use.

“It’s never been that way before. There’s just no way I used that much water,” she said. “One day they came out and read my meter and they came back an hour later and 20 gallons had been used.

“They keep saying I’ve got a water leak, but for that amount of water, if there was a leak in the house somewhere would be wet.”

City Clerk Missy Hooks asked whether Brown has a swimming pool. Brown acknowledged that she has a stock tank she lets her grandchildren play in when they visit, but said she never fills it very high and has not put water in it for several weeks.

Despite Brown’s assertion that she checks her toilets religiously to ensure they are not running and would have visible water damage if there were a leak somewhere in the house, Councilman Terry Walker insisted that a leak was the only possible cause for the high reading.

“I know how the meter works and there has to be something flowing through it to rack up that kind of usage,” Walker said.

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