Holts Summit votes to pay domestic violence investigator

After hearing a presentation from a Callaway County delegation headed by Callaway County Sheriff Dennis Crane and Prosecuting Attorney Chris Wilson, the Holts Summit Board of Aldermen approved a resolution declaring its intention to pay $1,500 as its share of the cost of a full-time domestic violence investigator for the next two years.

The domestic violence investigator would be shared jointly with Callaway County and the City of Fulton.

Also appearing on behalf of the proposal were Holts Summit Police Chief Kyle McIntyre, Kelley Tatum of the Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV), Callaway County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Casey Clevenger and Matthew Palmer, the current Callaway County domestic violence investigator.

Crane said the county hired Palmer in 2011 after receiving a federal 75 percent grant to hire a full-time domestic violence investigator. He said the county paid the remaining 25 percent of the cost of the first grant but now wants to pursue a two-year grant for 2014-15 and share the 25 percent costs with the full-time police departments in Holts Summit and Fulton.

Crane said the county’s share would be $7,000. Fulton’s share would be $3,500 and Holts Summit’s share would be $1,500.

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