Grass coverage at landfill brings improvements to sediment runoff

City Administrator Bill Johnson told Fulton’s Utility Board that efforts to bring ground cover at the Fulton landfill up to state Department of Natural Resources standards have already led to runoff improvements.

DNR requires that ground cover be applied to closed landfills to prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff. The Fulton landfill closed in May 2011, but last year’s drought and other problems kept the city from being able to grow enough grass there, leading to penalties from the state organization.

“Not having grass causes sediment leaving the landfill, which exceeds limits. That has brought penalties,” Johnson said. “The DNR had their grass guy from the reclamation department give suggestions, and we’ve been following them closely. Some of it is starting to sprout already; the snow is wonderful for it.”

Johnson said there will still be sediment runoff until grass coverage has fully grown, but tests have already shown an improvement in sediment runoff and quality at the landfill.

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