Police advise drivers to ‘pay attention’ as school starts again

With students set to start back to school Thursday, the Fulton Police Department once again is reminding area drivers to be more alert as they drive around town — particularly near schools.

Maj. Roger Rice, who also serves as Fulton Public Schools’ resource officer, said the FPD will have extra patrols out over the next couple of weeks as drivers and pedestrians alike get back into school-year travel routines. That includes strict enforcement of the 20 mph speed limit in school zones around town.

“One thing we need to make sure people are aware of is that fines are double in a school zone, so a speeding ticket that normally is $35 will be $70,” Rice said. “We had some tickets well over $100 last year.”

Another issue he emphasized is being cautious when driving near school buses.

“People need to pay close attention to those stop arms — you are required to stop when those arms are out,” Rice said. “That is a state law, and it is a $100 fine.”

He said drivers generally don’t do things like speed or run stop signs on purpose, but because they are in a hurry and are not paying attention. That last part, in particular, is what Rice hopes the stepped-up enforcement will rectify.

“With the school kids out in force, we just want to make everybody aware and keep everyone safe,” Rice said.


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