Burn ban imposed in Fulton

Fire Department acts based on fire hazard

Because of current hot and dry conditions, a citywide burn ban for Fulton has been ordered by the Fulton Fire Department.

“We are not issuing burn permits anywhere in the city of Fulton until further notice,” Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Coffelt said Thursday.

Coffelt said extreme heat and current extremely dry conditions have combined to create a dangerous condition. Coffelt said the city stopped issuing burn permits about one week ago.

To capture more sales tax money, the city of Fulton decided last year to permit the sale of fireworks inside the city. At the same time, the city also decided to remove the ban on shooting fireworks in the city if weather conditions are favorable.

But Coffelt said the Fire Department is considering a ban on shooting fireworks in the city this year because of hot, dry conditions.

“We want to wait to see if it rains between now and next Monday before making a decision whether to ban the shooting of fireworks inside the city,” Coffelt said.

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