Gun, ammo sales up in county

A Reuters analysis of U.S. government data on background checks run on prospective gunbuyers in the past 13 years has shown that statistically, firearm sales tend to boom following mass shootings.

According to firearm dealers in Fulton, Callaway County is no exception. Gun and ammo sales have increased significantly in the past few weeks, following prominent shootings such as Sandy Hooks Elementary School and the recent incident where firefighters were shot in New York state.

Carl Adams, owner of Briggs Gun Shop on Business 54 South, said that he has seen gun sales go up by about 21 guns per week since the shootings, most of them being handguns. He said he doesn’t have a single AR-model handgun left in stock.

“It’s been pretty wild in here since that went on; it caused business in the wrong way,” said Adams. “If it had been anything else but that, to make anyone’s business take off in the last few weeks ... it’s a bad deal.”

Seth Wilcox, owner of Elite Auto and Marine Repair, Gun and Pawn on Route F, said he has had about 10 people looking at guns in the past two days, but most of his increases have been in ammunition sales in the past 30-45 days. He said .223 ammo — common in the AR firearms Adams has sold — have flown off the shelves.

“.223 ammo is backlogged,” Wilcox said. “It’s back ordered for a long time because it’s so far out.”

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