South Callaway school board election ends in tie

An automatic recount of votes will be conducted today after the election for the South Callaway Board of Education ended in a tie for one of the two expiring seats on the board.

Ryan Arrowood was re-elected to the board with 156 votes.

For the other expiring seat on the board, President Erin Rogers Howard and newcomer Greg Kimminau both had 147 votes.

Callaway County Clerk Denise Hubbard said when an election ends in a tie state election laws require the county clerk to conduct a recount of the votes.

Hubbard said the official recount will be made sometime today when all election judges can be assembled who worked the election.

Hubbard said if the election for the second spot on the board remains as a tie, state law provides that the two candidates involved in the tie have the option of deciding the winner by flipping a coin or any other way of resolving the issue such as drawing a high or low card from a deck of cards to determine the winner.

If one of the candidates involved in a tie does not agree to resolve the winner by chance, then a new election must be held.

Hubbard said all of the election judges and clerks involved in the election must be paid again plus about $2,000 to print the new election ballots with only the names of candidates involved in the tie on the ballot.

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