Black lab wins canine mayor spot


Chevy Photo by Mandi Steele.

Please put your paws together for Chevy, a dog that has something to bark about after results came in from the canine mayor race. The 12-year-old black labrador was chosen to be the next canine mayor of Fulton.

Susan Groves, treasurer with the Callaway County Humane Society, said it was a close race with two candidates fighting it out to the end. However, Chevy pulled out on top.

The event works as fundraiser for the CCHS as well as spotlighting a local dog who will give several public appearances throughout his two-year term and whose columns will appear monthly in The Fulton Sun. During the canine mayor race, Each $1 contributed to the CCHS counted toward a vote for a certain canine candidate. The society made $1,000 during this year’s race.

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