The stage is her world

An ordinary school project for a Drama II class at South Callaway High School turned into a much bigger project for 17-year-old Caitlynn Davidson.

“We were supposed to write a seven minute story while we were studying storytelling,” Davidson said.

Once Davidson started writing the story, she realized it could be much more than just a class project.

She spent the next year writing for one hour, daily, until the play was finished.

“I started working on it and it developed into a play,” she said. “I had teachers proofread it and had friends read it and tell me what they thought.”

While finishing the project, Davidson decided to apply to be an assistant director at the Mexico Area Community Theater’s One-Act play festival.

“Everyone who wanted to direct or assistant direct had to turn in some scripts of plays we would like to work with,” she said. “Everyone else was turning in published pieces and I turned in an individual piece.”

Davidson said some people told her that it was not possible for a 17-year-old to write a full play. She said some even laughed when she suggested she was turning in her own script with her application.

“The scripts went through a committee and they voted on the three to choose,” she said. “I got a call (Tuesday night) that they chose mine.”

That phone call solidified Davidson’s belief that her play was good.

“I put it out there knowing that it might or might not be accepted,” she said. “A large group said I couldn’t do it and that I shouldn’t do it.”

But Davidson did it anyway.

“I am more excited than I have ever been before,” Davidson said. “This is the greatest thing ever.”

The play, titled “The Six Seeds of Dischord” is a play off of Persephone and Hades. It is narrated by Hermes.

“It’s a comedy, but it’s sort of witty humor,” she said. “It’s a modern twist on the play, but it’s completely different. Persephone and Hades completely embody themselves differently. For example, Hades is a nerd. Persephone is a hippie and Zeus has a leather jacket and is a total bad boy.”

And while they were completed near the same time, she noted her play is not connected to the Percy Jackson books.

Davidson found her love for mythology through historical fiction.

“I really like things that twist history,” she said. “Like in the movie Hercules when he is skipping rocks in the water and one skips off and hits the (Venus De Milo) and knocks her arms off making what we know as the famous statue. Things like that make me laugh.”

Davidson is active in Callaway County and surrounding areas with various theater and music groups. She is part of the Callaway Singers and helps fundraise for the Callaway Arts Council. She plans to join when she reaches the age of eligibility — 18 years old.

She also recently auditioned for a program a little further away than normal.

“I auditioned for and was accepted into the New York Dramatic Arts Academy this summer, but I can’t attend,” she said. “It was an amazing opportunity and being accepted was very unexpected.

Davidson said prior obligations have kept her from the academy this year.

While she’s participated in nearly every aspect of theater, Davidson said her favorite is still acting.

“This is my first time directing so maybe it will get an edge on acting, though,” she said.

Davidson plans to study theater or English in college and is working on a second play script now.


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