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story.lead_photo.caption SubmittedAndrea Bedrosian moved to Callaway County almost four years ago when she started at the Callaway Community Hospital as the marketing manager. She has recently taken on the position as the regional marketing manager for Noble Health.

After getting a bachelor's degree from Missouri State University in Springfield, Andrea Bedrosian moved to Callaway County to take a job with the Callaway Community Hospital as marketing manager. She moved around before settling in Fulton with her 3-year-old son, Grayson, who likes to believe he's a baby dinosaur most days.

Bedrosian is from Dixon, where she lived on a small horse farm with her parents. She spends most of her summers riding horses and swimming in the river. Now, she takes her son to the farm to visit his grandparents.

Recently, she took the position as regional marketing manager for Noble Health.

"I'm a strong advocate for rural health care and the importance it has in the economical stability, growth and the livelihood of those who work and live in our community," Bedrosian said. "I believe the access to both mental and physical health is just as important as schools and businesses in the community, and I pride myself in being a resource in the community to help educate and connect families and businesses with care and services right here in Callaway County."

Bedrosian is also an active member of the Callaway County Chamber Ambassadors and a Fulton Rotarian. She has a strong passion for helping others and giving back to the community when she can.

What was your first job?

My first job was at Honse's Cafe in Vienna. My aunt, Varsie, was the cook and I was a waitress. She taught me patience, customer service and probably a few choice words. My aunt was loved by every one of her customers and was a very important and influential person in my life.

Who inspires you the most?

I can't list just one person — I've met so many inspiring people in my life. I would start by saying my parents. They are the strongest, most supportive people I know. More than that, they are my best friends. I've watched them work from sun-up till sun-down at their jobs and take care of our farm, all to create a warm, loving home and life for my siblings and I. My parents, through they haven't always agreed with some of my life choices, they have always supported me and more than that were always there to pick me up and help me start again. Their love, support and work ethic inspires me daily to keep pushing myself, growing and continuing to be the best mommy I can be to my little boy.

The next person that I have to say inspires me is Tamara Tatesion with the Callaway Chamber of Commerce. Tamara has been such a role model to me and inspires me both professionally and personally. She's such a strong, resourceful, influential leader in our community that's always willing to stop and help those who need it.

What have you done that has been the most fulfilling?

The most fulfilling thing in my life is my son. Becoming a mother gave my life meaning and a sense of direction. It's by far the most fulfilling and greatest thing that's happened in my life.

What is something you are proud of that you've been recognized for?

To me it's the little things. My boss, Beth Epperson, does such a great job always making me feel appreciated. It could be something as small as creating a marketing flyer or as big as hosting an event. Beth never fails to show her support and appreciation for the work I do.

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

I'm not sure I have that completely figured out yet. I love my job and what I do. I'm so grateful for Noble Health and their investment in me and our community. They have helped me grow and become a resource for our community. They encourage me to continue to grow and become as involved in the community as I can be. I am so grateful for them and the amazing team I work with every day at the hospital. So, I really can't answer that question. I want to continue to grow professionally and become a strong leader, resource and role model in the community.

What is a job that you wouldn't want to do?

I wouldn't want to be an accountant. My mom owns an accounting businesses and my little brother also does accounting. The ongoing joke in our family is everyone is an accountant, and I couldn't even cheat my way through an accounting class.

What is your favorite thing about Callaway County?

When I moved to Callaway County almost four years ago, I quickly fell in love with it. The pride and unity the community has is beautiful. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I love to watch our community come together to support each out in times of need and celebrate in times of happiness. I'm proud to call Callaway County home for my son and I.

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