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For those of you who knew or read about my sister, Neda, in past articles, she passed away Feb. 17 at her home in St. Louis.

In tribute to her, each of Neda's grandchildren wrote what she meant to them. It was read at her funeral. I hope it brings memories of Neda to you. I have copied it just as her grandchildren wrote it.

"My Grandma was many things to many people. She was a mother, grandmother, a great-grandmother. She was a girlfriend, then fiance, then wife to my Grandpa. She was a daughter and a sister — both a McGuire sister and a Sister Susie. She was a neighbor, a friend, a coworker. She was great at all things, and she was so loved by those who were lucky enough to know her."

"My Grandma was one of a kind. Neda was a voracious reader, a creative crafter and a history enthusiast. If she had an opinion, she made sure you knew it. She was easy to smile and tough to convince. If her facts didn't match yours, she was right and your map was wrong, or your DNA test was wrong, or that coffee maker was broken and of course she was using it right. She was a meticulous documenter — and everything had a note on it with its history and who gave it to her and when. She loved fried okra and diet caffeine-Pepsi, and she hated when our hair hung in our eyes. She was not a cook, but she did make great waffles after sleepovers with us grandkids and she always had 'the good popcorn' ready to watch a movie."

"Grandma was full of surprises. Once, she collected enough Cheerios box tops to send off for a frisbee for my Uncle Matt without him knowing. He was so thrilled! And he kept that frisbee for 30 years. She loved St. Patrick's Day and sleeping in. And we all loved visiting her at the antique mall because she would let us shop, and then she'd get us whatever little treasure we found. My Grandma was wonderful to all the neighborhood friends on Connecticut, so much so that the neighborhood firemen knew her by name. She was very organized with her birthday cards, and we are all lucky to still have some of her 'just checking in on you' voicemails."

"She was always up for fun and always willing to hang out with family and friends, even recently as she battled many health issues. She'd say "where is every one going to be? I'll stay as long as you want." She was always supportive — she watched us grandkids in plays, on sports teams (as long as it wasn't not too cold outside) and for her own kids, she washed uniforms, bandaged scrapes and told them it would all be okay as long as they did their best. Bonus: For us — she never got tossed from the park for getting 'too involved' either."

"She had a really strong friendships with her sisters, and she and my Grandpa were great together. He'd always tell jokes and say, 'did you get that Neda?' and most of the time the answer was 'no,' but they laughed anyway."

"Her absence is going to leave a big hole, but she is not gone. We all hold pieces of her — Bridget and Michael embody her love of taking, framing and hanging pictures; Rachel and Maggie have her love of reading; I've taken up crocheting and sewing and knitting like she loved; Natalie has her tendency to show up early — and we all have her beloved second chin. She is there when we eat butter pecan ice cream or read Stephen King novels. She is there when we sing 'Irish Eyes Are Smiling' or come across an antique. She is there when we see a Cardinal outside our window."

"She is there when we remember how much she meant to all of us."

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