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story.lead_photo.caption Mary Kate Saltzman is a Fulton native had a career as a teacher. Photo by Olivia Garrett / Fulton Sun.

This column serves as a spotlight, highlighting the everyday people who work and live in Callaway County. The Fulton Sun takes a moment with someone who is not usually featured in the news but is just as instrumental in making our community the strong and beautiful place we all know and love.

Mary Kate Saltzman is a Fulton native whose family first came to the area in 1820. Saltzman attended Fulton High School and studied at Missouri Valley College, University of Missouri Kansas City and Kansas State University. Saltzman had a career as a teacher. She enjoys art, working with watercolor, oils, pastels, pen and ink and pencil.

Q: What was your first job?

Working in my father's law firm. (Saltzman's father's office was in downtown Fulton). I went to college and then I taught. I went to school and got my master's degree and I taught in Montgomery County, Maryland and then Topeka, Kansas. Then I taught at Missouri School for the Deaf.

I taught speech and art in elementary.

Q: Who inspires you most?

My mother. She was a very strong person. She had her flaws, but she was a very strong and giving person. She used to knit beautifully.

Q: What in your life has been the most fulfilling?

Having my children. I have five and seven grandchildren.

Q: What is something you are proud of?

My artwork. I think my portrait of my daughter is the best — it's a painting in oil.

Q: If you could do any job in the world what would it be?

Art. I'll be an artist. I don't have to earn my money at this time, so I can do what I like.

Q: What job would you not want to do?

All jobs are good for somebody. I think cleaning. I'm not sure about that because it needs to be done. Somebody who likes things to look clean and orderly could do a really good job at that. I would find it boring.

Another thing I don't like is realistic watercolors. The super realistic things that you see drive me crazy. I can't do it. It's just too intense, boring stuff. I do both realistic and abstract, but I like a little freedom.

Q: What is something people wouldn't guess about you?

I can tell you something that I didn't guess about myself until other people told me — I am a social butterfly.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Callaway County?

The friendliness. The fact that I know almost everybody, everything is close together and I feel safe.

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