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story.lead_photo.caption Kevin Hultz

This column serves as a spotlight, highlighting the everyday people who work and live in Callaway County. The Fulton Sun takes a moment with someone who is not usually featured in the news but is just as instrumental in making our community the strong and beautiful place we all know and love.

Kevin Hultz, 52, came to Fulton last week with plans to start over. Hultz is from Paris, Missouri originally. Hultz has lived in Missouri and Illinois and worked in a variety of jobs. When he was younger, Hultz was a firefighter.

Q: What was your first job?

I was roofing at the age of 13 — roofing and painting. I had a paper route back when I was younger and mowed yards for people in my community.

Q: Who inspires you most?

Back then, I'd have to say my mom. She was very strong and she had four of us living in a mobile home. She hangs tight. But now today, what inspires me is God's auditorium — nature.

Q: What have you done in life that was most fulfilling?

Having a beautiful daughter.

Q: What is something you are proud of?

I'm proud of my daughter. She makes mistakes like we all do, but she's going to college. I'm proud of my daughter.

Q: What profession would you like to attempt?

I like to work hard and stuff so I would have to say I would like to be a big city fireman. I'm used to the local, small stuff, but I'd like to be a big city fireman. (Hultz has worked as a firefighter in the past).

Q: What profession would you not like to do?

You know what? Every job has to be done. That's what makes the world go round. I would say nothing. If there's a job to be done, I would do it. I've always been that way. There's no job that shouldn't be done.

Q: What is something no one would guess about you?

I would have to say that I'm a very worthwhile person. I'm more valuable to others more than actually myself. I'm a very good people person. I like to save lives, not take them. People don't see it because of my addiction in the past.

I've made mistakes in my life and I'm sure I still will, but I've got the best person on my team and he's upstairs. That's about all a person really needs — that and the ability to do something. You make the world what it is.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Fulton?

I like the revenue that Fulton can bring in from the colleges. I think Fulton can bring in more revenue and have events because it has beautiful places — it has parks. I think Fulton can grow even more.

I think Fulton will be good for me.

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