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Jason Norman, 45, an inmate at Algoa Correctional Center in Jefferson Center, was among the four people Gov. Mike Parson commuted the sentences of this week.

Parson also pardoned 24 other people in the first set of pardons he's granted.

Parson said in a news release: "This is the time of year for forgiveness. There must be serious consequences for criminal behavior, but when individuals demonstrate a changed lifestyle and a commitment to abandoning the ways of their past, they should be able to redeem themselves in the eyes of the law."

In February 2004, Norman was found guilty by a jury of felony drug trafficking charges, according to online court records. He had been arrested by Lafayette County authorities, where he also had a post office box.

Norman has been serving a 30-year sentence, according to Department of Corrections records — 20 concurrent years on the two drug trafficking offenses, and he's completed five consecutive years on each of two other drug distribution and possession offenses.

He and two other male drug offenders Parson commuted the sentences of were made ineligible for parole by a law that was later repealed by the state's General Assembly, and case law of the Missouri Supreme Court holds that the law's repeal did not retroactively affect the offenders.

Parson said all three offenders "have all been active participants in programming, completed numerous restorative justice hours, and demonstrated good behavior while incarcerated."

Though their names were not publicly released until Wednesday, Parson on Monday commuted the sentences of Norman and two other drug offenders to house arrest, contingent upon approval of a home plan.

Parson also commuted the sentence of a fourth drug offender, a woman, to reduce her sentence from two consecutive 15-year sentences to two consecutive eight-year sentences.

DOC spokeswoman Karen Pojmann said that offender is expected to receive a parole hearing date soon.

In addition to the four sentence commutations, Parson's other acts of clemency this week included pardons for 24 people.

Not much, if any information was immediately available on them — because no one who received a pardon is currently incarcerated, Pojmann said.

Parson's office said this week that pardon documents had been filed with appropriate government agencies and were being sent to the individuals.

His legal team continues to review clemency files — of which there were 3,695 applications pending — "and intends to keep working to reduce the backlog inherited by his administration."

Online court records showed Norman had applied in December 2013 for a reduction of his drug trafficking sentence, though that petition was denied in January 2014.

The two other man serving time for drug offenses that Parson commuted this week are Gary Mitchell and Darrell Harris. The woman whose sentence was commuted and may get a parole hearing soon is Anne Coke.

Mitchell and Harris are currently incarcerated at Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, and Coke is at Chillicothe Correctional Center, according to DOC records.

The 24 people Parson pardoned are: Cyndi Beech-Edgell, Billy Carter, Irby Doyle, Floyd Ferrell, Vanessa Harris, Kathy Hester-Kirksey, George Humphrey, Rodney Hurst, Brian Jennings, Ronald Klingsmith, Steven Kreeger, Darryl Lennard, Jennifer Love, Nathan Lovellette, Troy Martin, Jamie Nanney, Larry Nolen, Gary Olenhouse, Bruce Orman, Clay Pummil, Robert Sutton, Gary Walton Sr., Ardester Williams and Randy Williams.

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