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To the Editor:

All things change with time. As an historical society, we know this to be true. For decades, we have had a great partnership with the newspapers covering Callaway County. We have experienced changes of editors, name of the paper and now the newspaper's very format. History teaches us change is inevitable. How we adapt to the change is what writes the new chapters of our history.

As the Fulton Sun moves to a mostly digital format, The Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society definitely sees changes ahead in the way we capture and archive obituaries, local events, historical business openings and closings, and the many other important happenings in our county. Our archives must remain both digital and hard copy.

We look forward to continuing to share Callaway Memories, Kingdom Notes, Callaway 200 activities and our many KCHS events such as trivia night, the tractor drive and our fashion shows through the paper in its new format.

We thank the Fulton Sun for many years of informing readers of Callaway County events, issues, people and places. The Fulton Sun has been and will be essential in assisting us in our mission of collecting, preserving and sharing the history of Callaway County. We look forward to a continuing partnership.

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Board of Directors and Staff

Mike Auer, President

Jim Buffington, Vice President

Nancy Hinnah, Secretary

Diane Burre Ludwig, Treasurer

Bruce Hackmann, Director

Joe D. Holt, Director

Susan Krumm, Director

Rodney Latty, Director

Bryant Liddle, Director

Joe Link, Director

Victor Pasley, Director

Terry Rehma, Director

Marilyn Whitehead, Director

Barbara Huddleston, Ex-Officio Director/Research Center Director

Nancy Lewis, Museum Director

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