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My father-in-law when he was still with us, used to call springtime the icing on the cake of life. Although we love all seasons, I think people really look forward to Spring the most.

Now admit it... you have been watching for the signs for a while. It's finally here! Springtime officially arrives this Tuesday!

My husband is always watching the trees budding out. There are signs of life all around us. The white blooms of the service berries, redbud, dogwood, ornamental trees, and others. Plus, the bright yellow Forsythia bushes. And soon the lilacs will be in bloom.

You can't miss all those flowers! Too many to mention. A few are the Jonquils, Sweet William, and all sorts of wildflowers. In our yard there are always the tiniest blue flowers that some may not even notice. The grass is growing fast with the pretty green color.

And the sound of the spring peep frogs. Some people may hear them and not even realize what they are hearing, thinking they are hearing birds chirping. The little Spring Peepers frogs are talking, and we find them fascinating. I remember a few years ago my husband David and I walked up to a little branch where the sound of the tiny peepers was filling the air so loud, we could hardly hear each other talk. Suddenly, they stopped! Not tapered off, abruptly stopped! We stood and listened and not a peep was heard. As we turned to walk away, they all began their song again at the very same moment. Amazing! Do they have a conductor?

We listen for them at every watering hole we pass while on our rides. This year our son Randy heard them first. He is one who stays aware of the signs. He knows he always has had his picture taken with his turkey in front of our lilac bush and mushrooms were shown in the pictures.

Wild greens are coming up. We used to pick all kinds of them that the Harvey Atterberry Family taught us years ago. I like the Narrow Dock which you see everywhere. And Carpenters Square. They both have bigger leaves.

We used to be champion Mushroom hunters. When we left the house, we didn't turn back until our bags were full. We began by finding the red ones in March. Big cliffs and brush were just something we looked forward to conquering, knowing no one else would probably go there. And yes, we have fallen a few times. I have told you before how David fell sliding down a big hill, but he was holding his mushroom bag high in the air and never hurt them. It was scary but funny too.

Now health conditions have forced us to look to other ways to do hobbies concerning the outdoors and wildlife, that we love. We drive and take pictures these days in retirement. We have taken so many pictures, more Eagles than anything.

There was a Bear within sight of where we live, pictures took. The Conservation Agency just reported more Black Bears are moving back into Missouri. Bear sightings are becoming more common and widespread. Mostly in the Southern part so far, I believe... Also, a few sightings of Mountain Lions (one hit by a car locally).

Bob Cats are getting more plentiful. I took pictures of one walking on the trail near Tebbetts a while back. They are afraid of you so don't be overly afraid, just alert.

We have so many pictures of deer and turkey but still get excited seeing them.

In the picture you see the beautiful Wood Duck we got pictures of this week. We had stopped at a little water hole to listen to the Peep frogs and saw 2 pairs of Wood Ducks. In all our rides we don't see these. Last year was the first I remember. Our friend Rhea Horstman told us where she had seen some and we went and took pictures. How great to have friends to share the same interest with.

On the way to church last week David and I discussed how we humans can learn so much by watching the birds and animals. God specifically uses animals and birds to His glory to help people or teach us. We take so much for granted and miss so much.

As far back as Genesis in the bible He used a Raven and a Dove.

Here is food for thought. Does a Bluebird make an Oriole bird nest?... No... And the Eagle makes its own kind of unique nest, just for Eagles. Beavers all know how to make beaver dams, etc... You just got to respect nature if you follow it closely.

I guess that's one reason David and I love wildlife. Theres more there than meets the eye as the saying goes.

The camera is ready, and it is time to get out and see what we can see in nature today.

  photo  Dorothy Kleindienst