Pages of Life — Going Above and Beyond

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Caleb and Kylee a few years ago at the old 54 Country Dance venue. Tonight, Feb 17th, will be the grand opening for their new building in Kingdom City.
Submitted photo Caleb and Kylee a few years ago at the old 54 Country Dance venue. Tonight, Feb 17th, will be the grand opening for their new building in Kingdom City.

This past weekend we had a surprise visit from our youngest grandson Caleb, and his beautiful wife Kylee, from Tennessee. They had come for an event going on in Columbia but took time out from all the activities to come and visit. That meant so much to us.

My husband David and I have been talking about it ever since and how there are some people who go out of their way to do good for others. Being thoughtful and nice just comes naturally for them it seems. And then for others it's a struggle...Just too much trouble I suppose.

We started talking about examples in our lives. As youngsters we both have people we remember as being so nice to us. How they never knew what it meant to us. I'm sorry most are gone now, and we can't tell them.

Then we moved on up to these days and how people's actions have left impressions on us, and how we will always remember them.

A few years ago, as I checked out in Walmart and was walking away, someone called out, "hey you!" I turned to look, and it was Judy Lawerence. She said, "You can't go without a hug!" My husband had been having health issues and I was a little down, but she brightened my day. I'll always remember how sweet she was and that's the way I will always think of her.

Most of my readers know my husband and I have had a picture taking hobby since he retired. His health won't let him get out and walk the woods anymore, so we ride and take wildlife pictures.

Our camera wasn't an expensive one. A friend on Facebook, Rhea Horstman, saw us trying to get good pictures and volunteered to give us her better camera to use when she wasn't using it. She takes great pictures, and I couldn't believe someone would offer their personal camera like this.

I'll always remember her kindness. Since then, we have bought a newer camera too. She is someone who goes beyond just being nice.

Our son Randy and daughter in law Christine have been in 'crunch time' to get their new building 54 Country, finished by last Friday night, for a private party that had already been booked. They have so many great friends who got in and worked hard on it, just like it was their own. I hesitate to mention names because they have so many good friends that support them in what they do..

Just to name a couple, their good friend Duane Hobbs was always there working whenever we stopped by to take pictures of the progress. Wood cutting or whatever, he is ready to help. And he works fast and hard like it all depends on him.

Chigger Martin, another friend who is always there for them. They, Duane, and Chigger, both would hide when they saw me with the camera. I always laugh because people see me coming and say, "don't put my picture in the paper!" I can't name everyone that has helped, but Randy and Christine know, and they will always remember.

I caught Roxie Akers cleaning and got her picture. She jokingly said "Oh you caught me. I saw you coming with camera and hid." She was in one of the bathrooms in the mezzanine putting on the finishing touch and cleaning. She is another one who never stops doing things for others.

Our grandchildren's visit caused us to think and re-live memories of those people in our lives who go above and beyond. I am happy to say, even now, there still are a lot of people who put others' needs first.

We are so proud of Caleb and Kylee. You would have to meet them to understand. They are as sweet as they come. They dated through high school and college, then married 4 years ago. He is a Construction Engineer, and she is a Registered Nurse.

The bible says faith without works is dead. James 2:17. They are Christians and show their faith by their works. They both come from families who live that way.

How do we want to be thought of and remembered? . I'm sure none of the people I mentioned do it for this reason. It's just what they do.

When we have the opportunity to do good, just do it! You may not even realize how much your actions mean to that person.

  photo  Dorothy Kleindienst