Faith Happenings

Photo from L-R:  Our joyful FMC moms and babies, with Weekend Resident Support Staff Alyssa Hibbard and Executive Director Shelley Knight.
Photo from L-R: Our joyful FMC moms and babies, with Weekend Resident Support Staff Alyssa Hibbard and Executive Director Shelley Knight.

Faith Maternity Care (FMC) exists to serve women who choose to carry their babies to full-term, by providing a home for expectant mothers, along with community client services for moms who already have a place to call home. Faith Happens, and we witness firsthand the fruit of faith, hope, love, and laughter inside our maternity home. Within a thirty-day window of time, two of our mothers and their sons launched from the FMC nest and into their own homes. Our arms feel the twinge of missing them in our everyday life, but our hearts are brimming over with the love and happiness for their next steps. THIS is the moment where we see that Hope and Joy are what carries a woman into the dreams of her future, as it begins to come into clear site.

We do love to celebrate wins at FMC, both small and large. So with the reality of our moms moving out and moving forward, we celebrated with a pizza and pajama party. The moms received matching pjs for Christmas, so this was the perfect occasion to don the happy stripes and gather around the table. Oh, the big dilemma centered on which game to play. Momma H. was the one moving in a few days, so she was the decision maker. She chose a fun game of Taboo, where a player gives clues as their team tries to guess the key word without saying a list of forbidden clue words. WOW was it ever fun and silly! We heard cheers all around as each team scored and tallied their points. All, of course, while juggling babies, forgetting to watch the game timer, and squealing when the team finally guessed the key word.

When a little one comes back to the home for a class or event, it's so very joyful to watch. The baby faces light-up as they see their housemates again. There are squeals of greetings, racing to play together and, per usual, the tussle over a chosen toy. Our staff and mothers all love this time of reuniting. We look forward to creating an alumni program where we can facilitate the continued relationship building as each woman begins to face the challenges of life on her own, with the new responsibilities she grows through into independent living.

One by one, the mothers of FMC find their way forward, into their own home or to reunite with a family member who opens their home to her. It's always a bittersweet time to watch a mom and baby team, whom we have grown to love and admire, leave our temporary 'nest' and learn to fly on her own. We enjoyed some quiet calm moments, where the staff prayed with the moms leaving, to send them into the world with the Lord's blessings. Some mothers stay engaged for added support with transportation assistance, attending group therapy, and our ever-open door to engage in social time with the FMC crew.

For this leader, I am in awe as the Lord grows each woman, in His way, as she blossoms into the woman she was created to be. It is a privilege to witness firsthand the positive change in each mom, to love her and her baby as she finds her path to healing, and to see her bravely dreaming of big things for her future with her children. WOW, what an amazing ministry to be a part of, with so many more smiles over tears. This is the time we see Faith Happening. This is where we see faith finding a way, with the love of the Lord Jesus, offering so much to us all.