Local business owner charged with stealing from customers

Photo courtesy Callaway County Sheriff's Office Michael Mullett, 38

Michael Mullett was charged with six counts of stealing on Tuesday.

Mullett, who owns Meadowlark Outfitters, did not fulfill five online purchases and caused a business "financial loss."

According to the probable cause statement, investigator Crystal Kent said four victims made purchases from Meadowlark Outfitters through GunBroker.com and did not receive their purchased items. Items purchased include primers and four firearms.

One victim made an online purchase through Meadowlark Outfitters for a semi-automatic rifle and did not receive the firearm.

"When the victims attempted to make contact with Meadowlark Outfitters or Mullet they would get very little to no communication," Kent said through the statement.

The five purchases are worth a total of $3,123.46.

Additionally, a Missouri business banned Mullett "due to prior incidents in which Mullett would bid on an item, and then not pay for the item," the statement said.

Mullett continued to create new accounts to make purchases and bids, and each time the business would run Mullett's card, the card would decline and Mullett would not communicate. In total, Mullett created 32 accounts for the business.

The business claimed Mullett's actions caused them financial loss.

Mullett described during a police interview Tuesday one of the victim's behavior as "harassing," as they "called continuously, including making multiple calls to Fulton Police Department," the statement said.

"Mullett stated he never made a purchase with the intent to not provide the item, but agreed that once he stopped communicating with victims, he also stopped the ability for the victims to get their items, ultimately resulting in Mullett depriving the victims of their items," the statement said.

Kent said "the case is ongoing," and anyone with any information related to the case should call the Callaway County Sheriff's Department.

Mullett was arrested Tuesday and released Wednesday with no bond.