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Two sewage pumps in Mokane blocked by flushed wipes

by Emily O'Leary | September 19, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

The City of Mokane warns citizens about flushing wipes down the drain.

In a Facebook post Friday, the city announced two grinder pumps had locked up from flushed wipes. One pump was able to be restarted, with the other now needing to be replaced.

Mokane Mayor Chad Booher said the intention behind the post was to "remind people that one wipe can do a lot of damage."

City of Mokane maintenance director Dennis Hoffman hopes that "people can start understanding this can be an issue."

Hoffman said both grinder pumps were located at the Riverview Nursing Home, 10303 State Highway C.

This is not the first time the nursing home has called the city to inspect the pumps. Hoffman said the pumps had to be pulled twice in the last three months due to wipe blockages.

Hoffman said it costs the nursing home $600 each time the city is called out to pull and clean the pumps.

Replacement costs for the blocked pump will range from $3,000 to $3,500, Hoffman said.

Instead of replacing the grinder pump, Hoffman said the city hopes to upgrade it with the installation of the new sewer system. In the meantime, the city is installing a cage on the pump to catch wipes that will need to be checked every three to four days.

When the new sewer system is installed, Hoffman said residents "will be responsible for the repair."

Print Headline: Two sewage pumps in Mokane blocked by flushed wipes


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