Off to the Great Pumpkin Race

Callawegians will be off to the pumpkin races in October with the Great Pumpkin Race event hosted by Fulton Parks and Recreation.

The race will pit decorated pumpkins against each other in a race to see which pumpkin is the fastest.

The event will be held at Legends Rec-Plex on Saturday, Oct. 21. It will be from 10 a.m.-noon.

There are three divisions of pumpkin racers: business division ($30 per entry), community organization division ($20 per entry) and individual/family division ($10 per entry). There is also a "cheater" division, which is $5 per entry.

Champion racers of each division will be awarded, according to a Fulton Parks and Rec Facebook post.

Additional awards will be given for: most original pumpkin, scariest pumpkin, judges choice and best cheater.

Pumpkin racing kits will be available for purchase at Legends Rec-Plex starting Oct. 1. The kits are $25 and do not include a pumpkin.

The full list of pumpkin racer rules is:

pumpkin racers must be crafted out of a single pumpkin of any variety.

participants are encouraged to decorate their pumpkin racers in any manner that does not violate any other rules or city policies.

pumpkins may not contain weights, concrete, or rocks. They may not have a motor.

no pyrotechnics or explosives of any kind may be attached to or associated with any part of racers.

pumpkin racers must use wheel(s) connected to axle(s) which runs through it. You may not use a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind.

staff chooses the starting position of every pumpkin racer.

participants are not permitted to push or otherwise help their pumpkin racer move.

failure to comply with any of the rules will result in disqualification and/or offending pumpkins will be smashed by the referee.

To learn more about the Great Pumpkin Race, call 573-592-3190 or visit the Legends Rec-Plex website to register.

Additional information will be released on the Fulton Parks and Recreation Facebook page on how to build a pumpkin racer.