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Callaway Memories

by Anakin Bush | September 2, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Photo courtesy the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Architect and Fulton telephone system pioneer Morris Frederick Bell was appointed Adjutant General of Missouri Guard forces by Governor Stephens in 1897, a post he held for four years.

150 years ago (1873)

Fair Time. Callaway Citizens at the Mexico Fair on Saturday night. Mules. Best 4 years and older- J. D.

Hume. Best 3 years and under-Jake Maddox. Best 1 year and under- C. C. Nicolson. Best buggy mule- W.

D. Hume. Best pair carriage- Jake Maddox. Best Mule- W. D. Hume. Fastest mule 6x around ring- J. A.

Bennett. Race Horses. Any gait, outside track-J. T. Davis @ 3:51. Best 3 and under- James Bennett... Best

Brass Band- Fulton.

Fair Time. Callaway Citizens at Callaway Fair (highlights). Piece carpeting 10 yards- A. Sampson.

Handmade blanket- Mrs. D. W. Craig. Handmade patchwork quilt- Mrs. A. Harrison. Quilt, quilted by

machine, Lillie A. Miller. Cotton shirt, Handmade by girl under 15 years- Althea Finley. Yarn socks- Mrs.

H. F. Renoe. Grecian oil painting- Mrs. J. S. Dieus. Pencil Sketching- Jennie Porter. Embroidery Silk-Mrs. E.

Rogers. Bouquet- Bettie McClanahan. Agricultural wreath- Emma Nichols. Quart Molasses- Wm. F.

Powell. Butter- Sarah Patterson. Beets- J. M. Simco. 100 pounds flour- J. W. Herring. 2 horse plow- A.

Sloan. Tin ware- W. H. Wilkerson. Aged buck, medium wool {sheep} - G. H. Baynham. Pair of drafts

{horses}, tested on the ground- Oscar Black. Fastest mule-W. S. Lawson.

125 years ago (1898)

Callaway Citizens. Warren Thomas has the contract for carrying the mail from and to the depot. It is

rumored that Charlie Craghead and Charlie Murphy have struck a paying claim in the Klondike. Adjutant

General Bell's special train has reached Chickamauga to bring 180 sick Missourians home. John Salmons

and Miss Fannie Long were married. Both are of Tebbetts.

100 years ago (1923)

The Taste Tells. For Your Approval We Have: Hook's Home Gown Watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches,

oranges, bananas, lemons, apples, plums... Vegetables...Meats...Coffee: Walter Backer Blend in bulk.

F.F.O.G and Red Wolf Steel Cut in 1# Tins. Walter Backer, Quality Grocer. F. F. O. G. Food Products


Hereford's High School. Hereford school district in northwest Callaway has citizens who believe in having

a good school right at home and the patrons have raised funds to add another room to their school

building, giving them a three room house. One of the rooms is to be used for the grade school and two

for high school work. A three year high school is to be conducted.

Nutrition Contest Winners Announced. Mrs. Douglas McClellan, Lamar, member of Mt. Carmel Club wins

$15 in Contest #5 of the Extension Women's Club Basic 7 Nutrition Contest, the American Red Cross

Nutrition Committee announced. She won for completing the sentence, "I serve meat, poultry, fish or

eggs from food group 5 of the Basic 7 plan to my family because- they contain complete proteins and

minerals which our bodies need for growth and repair; fats for energy; and are economical, all coming

from our farm." Second place, $10, was won by Mrs. John Yates of the Williamsburg Club. Mrs. J. V.

Dunlap of the Lamar Club won third place, $5.

75 years ago (1948)

Attention School Children. Ride a Callaway Cab to school. Special rates to those living on the same route.

For information, see or call "Pop" Murray at 1140. Our radio telephone equipped cars give prompt


Guthrie School opens with Francis Forsee as the teacher. The thirteen pupils are Martha Sue Hudson,

Jerry Giboney, Carl Colter, Tommy Joe Repper, Bobby Burnette, Sonja and Twyla Lane, Barbara and

Eddie Beck, Joyce Ann and Sharon Smith, Johnnie Martin and W. R. Palmer. Dry Fork will open with Miss

Josie Fleming as the teacher. The Brooks School will open with Mrs. Wanda Steinmetz as teacher and

with eleven pupils.

50 years ago (1973)

(From advertisement) 24th Annual Fall Festival! Sponsored by the Mokane Lions Club. At Mokane,

Missouri. September 1, 2 & 3. Barbecued Mutton- Ham- Beef. Free Entertainment! Gospel Singers

Monday Afternoon. Horse Shoe Tournament! Dance All Three Nights. Bar-B-Q Mutton for Sale Each Day.

Rose City Rides and Carnival.

McCredie Area Pool Opens. The John Reed family has completed construction of a swimming pool for

the Auxvasse/ Kingdom City area. The work was primarily done by Mr. Reed and his two sons, Mark and

Johnny. Neighborhood friends contributed a substantial share of the labor and they are Alan Humburd,

Dale Bolton, Mike Pope, Joe Pope and Jim Dunn. The pool measures 30' by 60'. The depth ranges from 3

½' to 12'. The pool is open seven days per week. Daytime hours are 1 to 6; evenings 7-9. With 24 hour

notice, private parties may be scheduled from 7-10 p.m. The pool meets federal regulations and two

certified lifeguards are on duty at all times. For persons 13 and under, admission is 65c and for persons

14 and over, the fee is one dollar.

25 years ago (1998)

Thank you Don and Linda Vandeloecht of Modern Farm Equipment for supporting the 4-H and FFA

Livestock Sale and purchasing my steer. ~Jeremy Shryock. A special thanks to Drs. Bob and Kitty Barnett

for purchasing my steer at the '98 Kingdom of Callaway County 4-H and FFA fair. ~Wayne Long. Thank

you, MFA for purchasing my hog at the '98 Callaway County Fair. ~Josh Humphreys. Thank you, MFA for

supporting 4-H and FFA Livestock sale at the '98 Kingdom of Callaway Fair. Thank you, MFA for buying

my 4-H steer. Also, thanks to Keen Ford for being a competitive bidder. ~Dustin Horn.

Hardin School Reunion. Students, teachers, parents and friends of Hardin School will hold a reunion

September 19 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, located on State Road Z in Fulton. After a basket dinner,

there will be a time for sharing stories, school-day pictures and fellowship.

(Caption of photo by Russel Whanger on the cover of The Entertainer). Walter and Helen Renaud look

over some of the films that will be a part of William Woods University's International Film Series. Mrs.

Renaud is a university librarian who selected the films. Dr. Renaud is a professor of English and teaches

the university's film class.

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