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Since Monday, Oct 23rd, was our 63rd Anniversary, our youngest son Eric, and Brandon Flowers, went with us to the little country church building, south of Fulton, where I attended as a girl, and where we were married, to take our picture. It was called EUB then. Meaning, Evangelical United Brethren.

We did a lot of reminiscing about our early years of marriage, and there is another whole story there. I recalled our last going out adventure. We have fixed a special meal at home the last few years since Covid came. "Where would you like to go for our anniversary dinner," David asked. He probably already knew the answer. I said the same thing I have been saying for all these years, "Anywhere you want to go." So, he started trying to think of somewhere we hadn't eaten before.

I didn't know where we were going but we ended up at Oscars in Jefferson City. What a good choice! The steak was cooked perfect, as well as everything else, and our waitress, Cortney, was so cute and full of fun.

We talked about how times and attitudes of people have changed. When we got married, we recalled how neither one of us would eat that last piece of pie, chicken, or anything else. It just wasn't the thing we did. Growing up I would never eat the last of anything, in case Mom, Daddy, or little brother Gary might want it. David was the same in his home. I'm sure it was, and probably still is, the way people of our age are.

We were raised in a different era of time I suppose. I hear the younger married women talk now and I can't believe my ears. They actually pick through the best pieces of chicken for themselves to eat. (if there are any bad pieces, I like it ALL) ... I do that too, but it's saving the best for David. And I even hear some now days, will even HIDE the last piece of cake, or whatever they think their husband might want, so they themselves can have it later!

Where have we heard this before? "Men will become lovers of their own selves..." These days young people are taught the so called, "NEED for SELF love." and you know where that comes from.

I'm thankful our daughters-in-law were brought up in church and before this attitude became prevalent. They put their husband's first, just like their mama and I do.

Some people might not understand, even think this is silly, but I know it is just a normal way of life for a lot of my readers. I always try to give David the best, and he does me as well. When I cook 2 of anything, steak or whatever, I try to see which piece looks the best to give him. If he catches me though, he will want to switch!

I'll confess in this story, but I will probably never get by with it again. When we cut a watermelon, I always cut the heart out to save to give him.

Many years ago, I heard someone say, "I do my 50 %. but he doesn't!" Can you see the problem here? How about planning to give the one you love 110 %? or you'll be too busy trying to "even out" things all the time to ever be happy. Some advice I would give, is to forget that line, "What this "girl needs" at the beginning of every sentence." Time to be a woman, and search for what your "GUY" needs.

Life moves on faster than we would like and here we are... They say we are Senior Citizens! Our middle son Randy, who likes to tease, calls, and says, "Just checking on the old folks." I always ask him, then why he is calling us?

I heard the Carter Family singing a song that I've sung before myself. It says, "But love grows cold, as love grows old. And fades away like morning dew." But that just isn't true! If you have lived a lifetime with the love of your life, and watched him struggle with age, and health, if anything, it makes your love and tenderness for him grow.

I know he sees me getting older too although he would probably deny it. When I go into the kitchen to cook, I see him watching. When our eyes meet, he says, "You don't need to go to a lot of trouble. I'll eat whatever you fix."

So now we have 63 years of treasured memories. Raised 3 sons, Daniel, Randy, and Eric, (who are grandpa's themselves now) and we have seen each of them, and their families make us proud.

I've loved him since the first time we met, and he came to my house to play his guitar and sing me Johnny Cash love songs. At that time, I was 15 and David was 16 years old. Now as we continue to grow old together, our looks may change but our hearts are still young.

As we were taking a ride this week, I looked over at him driving and to me he looked like that young man I fell for years ago. I told him and he laughed and said, "Your eyes are getting bad." Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.