Three Callaway County schools receive funding for safety upgrades

Three Callaway County school districts will receive grant funding to improve school safety.

Fulton, North Callaway and South Callaway school districts will receive grants in the second round of funding through the School Safety Grant Program.

Fulton School District will receive $200,000, North Callaway School District will receive $150,000 and South Callaway School District will receive $100,000. The maximum grant amount was $300,000.

New Bloomfield School District received $100,000 during the first round of grant funding in April.

Funding can be used for physical security upgrades such as door locks and monitoring systems, automatic external defibrillators, epinephrine auto-injectors, bleeding control kits, playground fencing, safety planning and staff training. Weapons and personnel costs are not eligible for funding.

Grant funding is available through reimbursement.

The School Safety Grant funding is only available during the 2024 fiscal year and must be spent by May 20, 2024.

Funding was appropriated from $50 million allocated for the School Safety Grant program in the 2024 fiscal year budget.

School districts were able to apply for grants Aug. 3 to Sept. 8.