Callaway Memories

Photo courtesy the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Reindeer in repose at Reed's Lake, about 5 miles west of downtown Fulton on Route F. Morris Bonard bought the property in 1963 and kept the deer until 1980, when poachers caused him to sell what was left of the herd.

150 years ago (1873)

Captain T. C. Holland, merchant at Reform, and Miss Vara Sparrell Stucker, one of Callaway's most

beautiful and accomplished daughters, were married by Elder E. R. Childers. The happy couple left on a

train to the east and thence to Europe. They will visit Paris, the Holy Land, London, Liverpool and many

other intermediate points before returning via Niagara. We wish them a happy trip and a long

prosperous life.

125 years ago (1898)

Grand Jury {By Township}: Fulton- J. T. Davis; Bourbon- Wm. Moss; Cleveland- W. H. Tyler; Jackson- John

Simcoe; Nine Mile- John Yates; Calwood- Andrew Nicholson; Auxvasse- T. J. Brooks; St. Aubert- S. C.

Ewen; Cote Sans Dessein- Edward Dully; Summit- J. W. Clardy; Cedar- Walter Clatterbuck; Round PrairieAlex. Faubion. Petit Jury {By Township}: Fulton- E. H. Jacobs & L. N. Sitton; Bourbon- Jas. M. Turley;

Cleveland- Reuben Shryock; Liberty- Charles Holt & T. J. Bates; Jackson- Robert Hamilton; Shamrock- W.

A. Douglas & Ed. Arnold; Nine Mile- Howard Smith; Calwood- J. J. Zumwult & Edgar Brooks; AuxvasseThos. Gregory; St. Aubert- Wm. Weeks; Cote Sans Dessein- J. R. Kidwell; Summit- A. C. Kneeling; CedarPayne Holt; Caldwell- J. W. Murphy & John Criswell; Guthrie- P. M. Christian & Joe Stewart

100 years ago (1923)

Many Hunters Are Getting Licenses. 698 hunting and fishing licenses have been issued to date this year

by the County Clerk's office. In 1922, a total of 813 Callaway County hunting licenses were issued and

this year may surpass that. Among the applicants for licenses are two Callaway women who get a great

deal of pleasure from their hunting trips.

(From an advertisement) FREE! $133 Worth of Gifts Given Away at Fisher & Lorenz. $50 Diamond Ring.

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75 years ago (1948)

Boyd to State Title Association Convention. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Boyd will go to the Hotel Statler in St.

Louis to attend the 41st annual convention of the Missouri Title Association. Together with their son,

William E. Boyd, they will present a report on the use of photography in abstracting after which Clyde

Boyd will lead a panel discussion on photography. Boyd & Boyd have recently completed photographing

on microfilm the 425th record book at the courthouse. Each book averages about 640 pages. Clyde Boyd

will also attend a meeting of the Board of Governors of which he is a member.

Deer Tag No. 1 in Callaway County has been issued to Orville Payne, Route 5, Fulton, County Clerk Carl

Davis reported. Payne is the only Callaway hunter to buy a license for the five-day season that will open

December 6. The rush for tags is expected to start in the next few days. Last year, 103 tags were issued

to set a new record for the county. Counties to be open to firearm shooting of deer are the same as last

year: Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Crawford, Dent, Franklin, Jefferson, Gasconade, Howell, Ripley, Iron,

Madison, Phelps, Reynolds, Oregon, Ozark, Perry, St. Francis, St. Genieve, Shannon, Stone, Taney,

Washington and Wayne. One forked-horn buck remains the legal limit and only one may be taken- in

either the bow and arrow or firearm season, but not in both.

50 years ago (1973)

School Menu. Fulton Public. Monday-Hot dog with mustard, baked beans, mixed fruit, cookie, milk.

Tuesday- OJ, lunch meat sandwich with lettuce and mayo, mac and cheese, applesauce, milk.

Wednesday- Chili & crackers, PB sandwich, apple crisp, milk. Thursday- Italian spaghetti, slaw with

carrots, chocolate cake, bread, butter, milk. Friday- Tuna casserole, lettuce salad, buttered corn, jello,

bread, butter, milk...North Callaway. Monday- Wieners on bun, sauerkraut, buttered corn, cinnamon

roll, milk. Tuesday- Beeferoni, slaw, pear, hot rolls, butter, milk. Wednesday- Mac and cheese, buttered

potatoes, green beans, sliced peaches, bread, butter, milk. Thursday- Baked turkey, whipped potatoes,

lettuce salad, fruit jello, bread, butter, milk. Friday- Fish sandwich, whipped potatoes, buttered peas,

apple pie, milk...South Callaway. Monday- Chuckwagon sandwich, corn, lima beans, applesauce, milk.

Tuesday- Tuna fish sandwich, baked beans, slaw and carrot salad, milk. Wednesday- Chili, PB sandwich,

crackers, peaches, milk. Thursday-Bar-B-Q chicken, green beans, macaroni salad, cake, bread, butter,

milk. Friday- Spaghetti and meatballs, lettuce salad, fruit cocktail, French bread, milk.

(Caption of a photo) Venison over Turkey. Jim and Leroy Stubblefield of Auxvasse need not buy a turkey

for this year and maybe not next. Leroy shot his first deer which will dress out around 125 lbs. Jim also

shot a deer, which will dress out around 150 lbs.

Demolition has begun on buildings in the 500 block of Market where a new parking lot is planned. The

additional parking is expected to help fill the demand for more downtown parking and create easy

access to businesses on the east side of Court.

25 years ago (1998)

(Caption of a Russell Whanger photo) Wood Street extension to open. Workers put on the final touches

on the Wood Street extension project. The approximately $675,000 project was awarded to Twehous

Excavating Company (Jefferson City). The extension to Route O is designed to relieve downtown traffic

on Bus. 54 North.

(Caption of a Russell Whanger photo) The New Bloomfield cheerleading squad took first place in the

Missouri State Cheerleading Championship. The members include: Heather Werdehausen, Megan Snarr,

Jenny Thornton, Kelly Hodges, Angie Murphy, Jessica Werdehausen, Jessica Antweiler and Robin Clinton.

The squads were judged on their crowd appeal, cheering skills, formations and spacing, level of difficulty

and overall effectiveness. Their coach is Annika Robb-Winkle.