A Girl Like Me Network expanding to Fulton

A Girl Like Me Network (AGLMN) is set to expand to Fulton, offering girls resources and support services.

AGLMN is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. It seeks to offer a "safe haven for girls and women globally, to be an empowering system that mends what once was broken," the organization's mission statement states.

The group serves girls in grades 5-12, primarily in the southwest Missouri region.

The found of AGLMN, Amby Lewis, is from Springfield. She decided to start the organization after she "witnessed poverty firsthand and how the struggle can affect young girls," AGLMN's website states.

AGLMN is somewhat similar to a "girls club," seeking to prepare girls for the real world and offer a place for them to take their mind off of their everyday struggles.

"A Girl Like Me Network takes pride in intercepting negatives influences from home, school, relationships and trauma. Our approach is simple offering a safe space for girls to choose to come and learn a wide range of talents and interests in STEM, leadership and life skills," AGLMN's website states.

The first AGLMN event in Fulton will be a "Weekend Table Talk" Saturday, June 3. It will be at the Callaway Electric Cooperative (1313 Cooperative Drive).

This event will allow the Fulton AGLMN board and volunteers to introduce themselves to the community. The board is comprised of four members -- Shajauna Vaughn, vice president of operations; Kelli Buettner, secretary; Angela Gillette, treasurer; and Cortney Lee, Fulton chapter president.

Lee was picked as the chapter president by Lewis in the fall of 2022.

At the Weekend Table Talk, those interested in the organization can sign up for volunteering, sponsorship, youth mentorship and more.

Door prizes and refreshments will be offered.

To learn more about AGLMN, visit aglmn.org.