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Callaway Memories

by Anakin Bush | March 18, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Photo courtesy the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard, Morris Frederick Bell made his home in Fulton, was a prominent Missouri architect and established the first telephone system in Fulton in 1882.

150 years ago (1873)

Callaway Butter in Baltimore. Miss Georgie Blackburn, daughter of Mr. Thomas Blackburn, for several

months has been shipping butter, made by her own hands, to Baltimore, Maryland for which her

commission merchant pays her 40c per pound, net. Boys, that's business.

[Upon hearing about Miss Blackburn, The Mexico Intelligencer had this to say (as reprinted in the Fulton

Telegraph)]. "Boys, that young lady should live in Audrain. To whoever wants an excellent wife and will

bring Miss Blackburn into Audrain County to reside as such, we promise to give one year's subscription

of our paper. Here's a chance for a ten strike."

[Response of the Fulton Telegraph to the Mexico paper regarding Miss Blackburn] As a matter of course,

we do not speak advisedly on the subject, but yet it is our opinion that none of the Audrain boys will win

the heart of Miss Georgie. It is rumored that a young gentleman in Baltimore, after tasting some of her

butter, with which he was so well pleased, that he determined on a personal interview, one of these

days, he and Miss Georgie will take up residence together near the capital of our nation.

125 years ago (1898)

(from an advertisement). I AM A CANDIDATE, not for any office in the gift of the people, but for your

trade in all kinds of Agricultural implements, Harness and Hardware. I am engaged in a RELENTLESS

WAR, not on SPAIN, but on HIGH PRICES. I sell John Deere and Moline plows and planters; sixty, seventy

and ninety-tooth steel harrows; New Departure shovel cultivators; Janesville Disk cultivators; harness

and parts; garden tools and hardware...Thankful for past favors, I will save you money if you will give me

a call. Yours truly, J. E. Buckner.

100 years ago (1923)

General M. F. Bell, the Fulton architect, has drawn plans for new homes. Joseph L. Bush will erect a twostory frame house on his lot west of the Evangelical church on West Fifth Street. John Wren will erect a

modern bungalow on West Sixth Street, just east of the residence now occupied by J. E. Pixlee. Earnest

Backer is completing a nice bungalow on West Sixth Street. Harry Henderson's modern California brick

bungalow is nearing completion in Westminster Place on West Sixth Street.

75 years ago (1948)

23 Houses And A Duplex Are Being Built. Building is going ahead despite bad weather and high prices.

New houses that have been erected or are in the process of being built are: an 8-room, 2-story house on

10th and Grand, built by Scott Payne; a duplex on Vine Street by H. L. Carr; a bungalow by Joe Lee at 2nd

and Jefferson; 5 quonset huts on Floral Hill by Harbison-Walker; a home by Bud Mosley on the farm-tomarket gravel east of the Highway Department Maintenance building; 3 houses completed and 3 still in

the building stage by Raymond Strickland; homes built by Gordon Acree, Carr Jackson, Leonard Zbinden,

R. L. Herring, F. B. Blansett and Lee Pardue. Hybrid Seed Company has 2 bungalows practically finished

on Walnut. Harold Dearhoff has a new home on South Jefferson.

50 years ago (1973)

The sacrament of Holy Communion using a 340-year-old silver altar service will highlight the Sunday

Celebration in the Winston Churchill Memorial Chapel. The service will be led by Father Robert

Chenoweth, St. Peter's Catholic Church; Father Richard Ash, St. Alban's Episcopal Church and Chaplain

William Huntley, Westminster College. The silver pieces to be used make up one of two valuable sets of

altar pieces given to Westminster College for use and display in the restored Church of St. Mary

Aldermanbury by the united parishes of Saint Vedast. All of the pieces are rich in history. Two of the

silver chalices to be used are inscribed "St. Anne and St. Agnes Parrish 1633." The silver was rescued

from the Great Fire of London in 1666 and was returned after the church was rebuilt by Christopher

Wren. One of the flagons in the service was given to the parish by the famed explorer, Sir Francis Drake

and bears his name and the date 1636. The Winston Churchill Memorial also has the altar service pieces

that were in the safe of St. Mary when the church was struck by a Nazi incendiary bomb, December,

1940. The heat from the blast and fire shattered a bottle of sacramental wine also in the safe and the

wine congealed over the silver. The plate has been left in its tarnished state just as it came from the


25 years ago (1998)

Parulekar selected for state academic honor. Roger Davis, principal at Fulton High School, announced

that FHS Senior, Amit Parulekar, has been selected at Missouri Scholars 100, a statewide program to

honor 100 of Missouri's most outstanding academic students. Amit is the son of Dr. Dilip and Mangal

Parulekar. Missouri Scholars 100 is a program sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary

School Principals. The selection is based primarily on a formula using the student's grade point average

and ACT or SAT score. Each student nominated had to meet criteria of an 'Academic Decathlon,' which

included 10 events designed to assure the academic strength of the student. The student must have a

minimum grade point average of 3.75, a minimum ACT score of 29 or minimum SAT score of 1300, be

ranked in the upper 10 percent of the class and have taken upper level courses in mathematics, science,

English and foreign language. The student must have excellent attendance, be an exemplary school

citizen and be involved in the school activity program. Parulekar is secretary of the National Honor

Society and was an honoree throughout high school during Academic Recognition Week activities. He

was a member of the basketball team and served as captain of the tennis team. His future plans are to

attend college and medical school. [Dr. Amit Parulekar was the Guest of Honor at the 2023 Kingdom of

Callaway Supper].

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