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Fulton High School celebrates Heart Week, raises funds

by Anakin Bush | March 7, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Photo courtesy Fulton Public Schools Senior Kamden Nolte, coordinator for Heart Week, speaks at a Fulton High School assembly to celebrate the end of Heart Week. A representative from the American Heart Association stands behind Nolte. FHS raised $2,800 this year to donate to the American Heart Association.

Fulton High School celebrated Heart Week last week, culminating in an assembly on Friday.

For eight years, FHS has raised money to donate to the American Heart Association to help fund their research.

Senior Kamden Nolte led the assembly. She has been assisting with Heart Week since her freshman year.

Nolte said she helps with the program because she knows several people who have heart problems.

"I've personally have had my own experiences with heart problems in the form of a few surgeries, long-term hospital stays, heart monitors and I've even had my heart stopped and restarted," Nolte said.

A committee has been formed at FHS to continue fundraising efforts after Nolte graduates.

FHS principal Kati Boland spoke at the assembly. She spoke about her father, who experienced heart problems.

"So for him to find out in his mid-40's that he had a heart condition called cardiomyopathy, was quite life-changing," Boland said. "This condition attacks the heart, making it weak and eventually resulting in stopping the function of your heart."

Her father eventually had a heart transplant. Boland also donated a kidney to him, as his anti-rejection medicine was attacking his kidneys and causing kidney failure.

"But yet again, our bionic man had very few setbacks with that kidney transplant as well," Boland said.

She said her father passed away Dec. 20, 2022.

"Amazingly, his heart was not the cause of his death," Boland said.

A representative with the American Heart Association also spoke at the assembly.

"...I work with probably 13 or 14 high schools, and Kamden is definitely the most impressive coordinator out of everybody," the representative said.

Since Nolte has been the coordinator for Heart Week, FHS has raised over $7,104. This year, FHS raised $2,800.

"This is no small accomplishment, so we thank everyone who helped with that," Nolte said.

The assembly ended with a glow-in-the-dark dance performance from FHS teachers and games with the students.

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