Ribbon cutting celebrates new Justice Center

Anakin Bush/Fulton Sun Gary Jungermann — surrounded by city and county officials — cuts the ribbon at the Callaway County Justice Center. Construction on the Justice Center began in July 2021.

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Callaway County Justice Center on Wednesday to celebrate the opening and completion of the new building.

Gary Jungermann, Callaway County presiding commissioner, said the building is fully operational but some of the finishing touches are still being worked on.

One part still being worked on is the elevator, which Jungermann said has been having some glitches. He said it was working on Wednesday.

"A lot of people to thank," Jungermann said. "Little Dixie (Construction) did a wonderful job."

He said the building is really nice, and thinks it is going to last a "long long time."

The Justice Center was built to allow for expansions in the future if necessary, Jungermann said.

As part of the new building, the Callaway County Juvenile Office is now located inside the Justice Center. Jungermann said the public defender's office is going to go into the previous juvenile office building on Cardinal Drive.

"It's handy, juvenile's never been this close to court," he said.

Roger Fischer, Western District commissioner, said a lot has changed in the last four years with the construction of the Justice Center and the new Callaway County Jail.

"We've been blessed with the opportunity to have Gary Jungermann leading the three of us," Fischer said. "We were all there, we recognized the need, we had the opportunities that come around rarely in a lifetime to be able to afford these types of things."

Randy Kleindienst, Eastern District commissioner, said Jungermann did a good job leading the construction of the Justice Center.

He said the new building will have positive impacts on the community.

"It's for all of us. It's for our community. I think all of y'all for making it possible," Kleindienst said.

Jungermann said remodeling on the previous Callaway County Courthouse will begin soon.

The building cost approximately $12 million. Construction on the Justice Center began in July 2021. Two buildings were torn down to allow for construction.