Missouri program allows adults to earn high school diploma free online

A new program will allow Missourians who didn't finish high school to earn a diploma online for free.

The Missouri Workforce Diploma Program, through the passage of Senate Bill 718 in 2022, allows adult high school providers to offer Missourians 21 and older the chance to earn a diploma online, according to a news release from Graduation Alliance, an adult high school provider.

According to the release, more than 455,000 Missourians left high school without a diploma.

Graduation Alliance provides diplomas in several states.

"Going back to high school as an adult is challenging for a myriad of reasons," Graduation Alliance CEO Ron Klausner said in a news release. "Our goal is to remove as many barriers to graduation as possible and give students access to a high-quality education with a robust support system made up of people who understand the unique challenges of adult learners."

Graduates will receive an accredited diploma that can be accepted by employers, colleges and universities and the military. They can also earn other certifications or employment skills.

"A high school diploma is a terrific milestone but not the final destination," Klausner said in the release. "By providing students with opportunities to earn a credential simultaneous to their diploma, they will graduate with more confidence and preparedness for the workforce."

Participants must be 21 or older, Missouri residents, be able to access a computer and not have a GED or high school equivalency. To sign up, visit MissouriDiploma.com.