Fulton High School construction nearing completion

Photo submitted: New flooring being installed at Fulton High School's gym. Fulton Public Schools has been working on several construction projects over the past few years.

Construction at Fulton High School is nearing completion this year.

"We're going on a full year now of construction at the high school and a number of renovations have taken place inside," said Ty Crain, superintendent at Fulton Public Schools.

There have been upgrades done such as plumbing and electrical along with upgrades at the theater and choir rooms at FHS.

The district's elementary, middle, and high schools have already had their parking lots redone.

It was important to update a lot of spaces with better plumbing, electric, and security, Crain said.

The elementary school's construction was completed first. Secure entrances were installed at the schools.

The projects being done at the middle school are hoping to be done by next fall, Crain said.

The kindergarten center is currently being designed. It is an addition to the Early Childhood Center. Crain said the district is working with the architects now on the kindergarten's design.

One of the reasons for upgrading has to do with education changing over the years, he said.

"It's about safety, security, space and sustainability," Crain said.

There were obstacles along the way while construction was in progress.

The obstacles were not just about the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the aftermath caused by the pandemic, causing supply chain and cost issues that impacted the school district, Crain said.

In April 2022, Fulton School District approved a couple replacement school buses, but they have still not arrived, Crain said. The estimated date to receive the buses is now set for July.

Supply chain issues are getting better now, he said.

A new nurse's office, conference room and bathrooms were added to the high school. It was very needed, Crain said.

"We're excited that the community was able to support us with the bond issue," Crain said. It helped support the construction projects.

Now that electrical upgrades are finished, Crain said the new construction portion being done is the new flooring in the high school's gym. The bleachers are scheduled for arrival next week, he said.

The original completion date for the high school's construction was scheduled for May, but if things go well it may be done sooner, he said.