Pages of Life: There’s a time/season for everything

For several weeks now David and I have been out spotting Hornets' nest. When we first began looking this year, we thought there wasn't going to be many. Until the leaves have all fallen, they are almost impossible to see. You must have your eye trained for the greyish clump. In fact, we ended up seeing 19 so far this season. We do not disturb, just take pictures. While we still like to keep an eye out for them, our focus right now is the Eagles arriving back to their old nest.

Will I ever stop being fascinated over seeing an eagle? I sure hope not. David and I spot eagles almost every day, and every time we are as excited as if it was the first one, we had ever seen. We see them now so frequently that I no longer log them in my little "We saw today" book.

Yesterday we checked out a couple of the nests we watch. Both have Eagles setting now. Won't be long until we see the little grey heads sticking out. We have videoed them before.

It hasn't always been this way. I don't recall seeing them when I was a kid. There has been a big increase in population over the last more than twenty years here in Central Missouri.

As the baby eagles are hatched and raised here in the spring, they tend to come back again as well as do their parents. In fact, did you know Missouri has one of the largest eagle populations? Here in our area, back when David and I were first married, I don't even remember ever seeing them.

We have had people ask, "Where can I see an eagle, I've never seen one?" I wonder if maybe they have and didn't really take notice of what it was. We see them in town, and we see them in the country.

Watch the sky and if you see a large soaring bird, look closely and you may see the unmistakably identifying signs of a white head and white tail as he makes his turns. After you clue into them you will easily spot them from a long distance in the trees or in the sky.

The mature adult is easy to identify from a far distance by the white head and tail. However, the immature bird, and the Golden Eagle, may be harder to identify.

We watch the tree line silhouette as we drive and frequently see one that way. The white head and tail will show up for a long way. Many times, we will see two in one tree like the ones in the picture.

Eagles like to live and build their nests near the creeks, rivers, and lakes where they can find food easily. Here in our area the eagles may also be seen watching fields for rabbits, squirrels, deer, etc... Anywhere food is plentiful.

David and I have found many eagle nests. Again, I guess it takes eye training to be able to spot them. Once you have seen and identified one, you will be able to see them and know what it is without question.

Sometimes you may see a squirrel nest from afar and wonder. David usually can tell, however, if in doubt, take out your binoculars and look. The eagle nests are huge and with sticks that are too big for anything else to have handled, and are placed in good, supported tree limbs... We have several located in different areas, and the eagles will most likely use them again and again.

We have seen them flying over businesses in town and wondered if anyone besides us had looked up and seen them. I always want to point and say to everyone, LOOK! We saw one putting on a spectacular show right above people in the parking lot, but I never seen anyone looking up.

Then a couple days ago as we were going to the store one sailed over the road heading toward a lake. After we finished shopping, we drove in the direction we had seen him going and there he was, setting on a tree limb eating a squirrel. We stopped and watched him, and he was too busy eating to take any notice of us, so I got to take some pictures.

Another day we were watching a lake filled with geese. Suddenly, they were frightened and honking. We looked up and saw an eagle sailing around overhead.

Our son Randy, who is a commissioner, frequently drives the roads checking them out in the evening and sees the eagles as well.

Our son Eric drives for FedEx and gets the opportunity to see them regularly while out on deliveries. We told him about a new nest we had discovered, and he said as he drove by a few weeks ago, a big eagle swooped down He said he couldn't believe how big it was.

Our sons and us share things we see a lot. However, it is usually wildlife. Last week it was different. I was in C&R Grocery store in Fulton when Eric called. We usually text. He said, "mom hurry out of the store!" (We track each other also, so he knew where we were) He said, "you can see the Chinese Spy Balloon right above!" He is a kidder, but he sounded serious.

I told Jay, the manager, and he said for me to let him know. He knows Eric too.

As I went out Jay came out right behind me. His wife Rina Hickman was in Jefferson City and had just called him. David was in the car, and he saw it too. So, everyone was busy snapping pictures. When we got home, Hams Prairie, it was right overhead. Seemed to be headed toward our nuclear plant.

Time moves fast and it doesn't seem like that long ago, but then I remember when our grandson Ethan was small enough that his grandpa David would hold him and point out the Eagles. He is a grown man now and not going with us, but his grandpa and I are still eagle watching and snapping pictures.

Won't be long now until it will be time to hunt turkeys and mushrooms. There is always an exciting time and season for everything here in Missouri.