Fall 2022 Dean’s Lists

Arkansas State: "The Dean's List includes students with a GPA of 3.6 to 3.99."

Elanor Favuzza, New Bloomfield

Avila University: "To be included on the dean's list, students must have successfully completed at least 12 credit hours with at least a 3.5-grade point average for the semester."

Abigail Propst, Holts Summit

Carthage College: "Dean's List honors are accorded to Carthage students who achieve a minimum 3.5 grade-point average while carrying at least 14 letter-graded credits in a given semester."

Rylee McCray

Central Methodist University: "More than 900 students across all campuses and online learning met the requirements for placement, including a grade point average of 3.50 or higher for the semester."

Rylee F. Baker, Fulton

Austin Clark Bristow, Fulton

Colton Dwain Carrier, New Bloomfield

Alexis Rae Ann Dillon, Portland

Samuel Griggs, Rhineland

Mikayla Grace Pennell, Kingdom City

Hannah Raley, Mokane

Elliott Steven Reed, Holts Summit

Molly Anne Taylor, Fulton

Missouri State University: "For undergraduate students, criteria include enrollment in at least 12 credit hours during the fall semester and at least a 3.50 grade point average (on a 4.00 scale)."

Sarah Abbott, New Bloomfield

Madelyn Berhorst, Holts Summit

Claire Duenckel, Holts Summit

Destri Dungan, Fulton

Renae Harrison, New Bloomfield

Rachel Hasty, Holts Summit

Reagan Hill, Fulton

Logan Huckstep, Holts Summit

Paige Key, Fulton

Shelby McDonald, Tebbetts

Olivia Michaelson, Holts Summit

Tyler Nitcher, Kingdom City

Alexis Reifsteck, Fulton

Haden Trowbridge, Fulton

Reece Fewins, Holts Summit

Lance Glover, Mokane

Grace Kempker, Holts Summit

Alex Trowbridge, Fulton

State Technical College of Missouri: "To be placed on the Dean's List, a full-time student must earn a semester grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0 on a 4-point scale."

Joseph Behlmann, Auxvasse

Christian Griffith, Auxvasse

Jadynn Huddleston, Auxvasse

Jacob Morris, Auxvasse

Sydney Anderson, Fulton

Jackson Althiser, Fulton

Matthew Bariana, Fulton

Cassidy Crocker, Fulton

Jaiden Garrett, Fulton

Thomas Harris, Fulton

Tyler Hatcher, Fulton

Theodore Hubbuch, Fulton

Craig Latty, Fulton

Ryan Levely, Fulton

Lawrence Loftus, Fulton

Brendan Lortie, Fulton

Garrett Mason, Fulton

Emma Phillips, Fulton

Quentin Plaste, Fulton

Kelsey Shawley, Fulton

Thomas White, Fulton

Abigale Wynn, Fulton

Elaina Cook, Holts Summit

Isaac Enloe, Holts Summit

Parker Galloway, Holts Summit

Faith Kempker, Holts Summit

Neiko Mosby, Holts Summit

Devin Pfantz, Holts Summit

Natalie Ruetz, Holts Summit

Perry Scott, Holts Summit

Austin Sooter, Holts Summit

Daisy Willis, Holts Summit

Adam Winkelman, Holts Summit

Lydia Wormsley, Holts Summit

Moriah Wormsley, Holts Summit

Jonathan Barber, Mokane

Jade Bonnett, New Bloomfield

Andrew Brooks, New Bloomfield

Nathaniel Cain, New Bloomfield

Trevor Jordan, New Bloomfield

Isabel Peters, New Bloomfield

Michael Saleny, New Bloomfield

University of Missouri: "During the fall 2022 semester, 11,550 undergraduate students earned the academic distinction to be named to the dean's list."

Logan Blevins, Auxvasse

Andrew Blevins, Auxvasse

Benjamin Bondurant, Auxvasse

Luke Bouchard, Auxvasse

Gisele Bouchard, Auxvasse

Sianna Madsen, Auxvasse

Bethany Morris, Auxvasse

Rachel Pezold, Auxvasse

Baylor Webb, Auxvasse

Hunter Acton, Fulton

Lochlyn Adrian, Fulton

Isaac Avery, Fulton

Kate Bedsworth, Fulton

Anna Bonderer, Fulton

Bianca Branch, Fulton

Andrew Brislane, Fulton

Marta Cunningham, Fulton

Jessica Davis, Fulton

Angelina Derry, Fulton

Kasey Dunnavant, Fulton

Nathanael Eichman, Fulton

Byron Helmrich, Fulton

Brian Huhman, Fulton

Cade Johnson, Fulton

Hunter Kistner, Fulton

Ava Lairmore, Fulton

Ryan Lowe, Fulton

Shelby Malone, Fulton

Olivia Nevels, Fulton

Brooke Phillips, Fulton

Elisabeth Phillips, Fulton

Sabrina Schlacks, Fulton

Sara Schlacks, Fulton

Robert Sexe, Fulton

Gideon Sexe, Fulton

Lima Sherzad, Fulton

Hannah Siegel, Fulton

Grace Sparks, Fulton

Zachary Summers, Fulton

James Walker, Fulton

Lane Atchison, Holts Summit

Alexis Becker, Holts Summit

Ella Berendzen, Holts Summit

Andrew Celada, Holts Summit

Denali Cook, Holts Summit

Carter Epema, Holts Summit

Abigail Farris, Holts Summit

Morgan Jacobs, Holts Summit

Corey Joelling, Holts Summit

Alec Krumm, Holts Summit

Carter Rackers, Holts Summit

Paige Reeser, Holts Summit

Aaron Scheppers, Holts Summit

Mikayla Scully, Holts Summit

Grant Straub, Holts Summit

Kevin Tabb, Holts Summit

Brodyn Loo, Holts Summit

Kristen Wilbers, Holts Summit

Monique Cole, Kingdom City

Genevieve Harline, Kingdom City

Giselle Bauer, New Bloomfield

Madisyn Branch, New Bloomfield

Heath Brandt, New Bloomfield

Cade Custard, New Bloomfield

Parker Pitzen, New Bloomfield

Kylie Quinn, New Bloomfield

Mariah Buchholz, Steedman

Kayleigh Torufa, Steedman

Collin Jaegers, Tebbetts

Rachel Jeffery, Tebbetts

Keep Mahaney, Tebbetts

Abigail Whitt, Tebbetts

Jonathan Austin, Williamsburg

Westminster College: "The Dean's List recognizes students who have achieved a 3.60 semester grade point average, with at least 12 hours completed that semester."

Sarah Crostic, Holts Summit

Austin Daro, Fulton

Kayleigh Fike, Fulton

Eva Gannon, Fulton

Joseph Garner, Fulton

Jakob Gibson, Fulton

Christa Gilman, Auxvasse

Audrey Hawkins, Holts Summit

Vishu Kher, Fulton

Clement Mahoro, Fulton

Jared Mistler, Portland

Aiden Petterson, Fulton

Courtney Sanford, Portland

Timothy Skonecki, Fulton

Courtney Street, Fulton

Kayla Turner, Fulton

Shelby Weathers, Fulton

Georgia Wolken, New Bloomfield

William Woods University: "A total of 220 students earned a place on the Fall 2022 Dean's List, which requires a full-time student achieve a minimum 3.6 semester and cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale."

Rhakala Blackmon, New Bloomfield

Mikayla Burton, Fulton

Eva Dawson, Fulton

Erin Garrison, New Bloomfield

Rylee Hagens, Fulton

Damon Hamilton, Fulton

Sofia Hansert, Fulton

Alexis Henley, Fulton

Faith Nelson, Fulton

Lacey Quinn, New Bloomfield

Dustin Russell, Fulton

Jonathan Sievert, Fulton

Bryce Warmbrodt, Fulton

Wilkes University: "Students who earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher for all courses taken are accorded special recognition by being named to the Dean's List in the School or College of their major degree program."

Melanie Fouts, Fulton