Deer hunting season quickly approaching

Courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation

As deer hunting season approaches, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) advises hunters about changes to the upcoming hunting season.

Hunters can now hunt during a new firearms early antlerless portion from Oct. 6-8 in counties that also participate in the firearms late antlerless portion, including Callaway County. During these two portions of the season, hunters can only harvest antlerless deer.

The number of firearms antlerless permits hunters are able to fill have increased from two to four in 85 counties, including Callaway County.

MDC cervid program supervisor Jason Isabelle said in a news release the increase in permits "will help slow population growth and keep the deer population at desired levels."

MDC is also introducing a firearms Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) portion, allowing hunters to use unfilled permits during the CWD portion of the season. CWD testing is not mandatory during this portion.

Isabelle said the CWD portion was added "to prevent further increases in deer numbers and help minimize the spread of the disease."

The CWD management zone has expanded to 14 additional counties, including neighboring Montgomery County. Restrictions in the CWD management zone include restrictions of moving carcasses and prohibition of feed like grain, minerals and salt products.

If deer is harvested in a CWD management zone during Nov. 11-12, it must be taken to a mandatory sampling station to test for CWD.

To learn more about the upcoming deer hunting season, visit MDC's website.