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Local schools to start next week

by Anakin Bush | August 15, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
FILE: Fulton Public Schools' buses are lined up.

Schools across Callaway County are beginning soon, bringing with them an increased amount of traffic along roads throughout the county.

New Bloomfield School District and Missouri School for the Deaf will begin on Aug. 21.

North Callaway School District will begin on Aug. 22.

Fulton Public Schools District and South Callaway School District will begin on Aug. 23.

Colleges will also begin in Aug. William Woods University will begin on Aug. 21, with Westminster College beginning on Aug. 23.

Earlier this month, the Missouri State Highway Patrol warned drivers to remain vigilant while driving near school zones, playgrounds, bicycle paths and crosswalks while schools are in session.

MSHP advises motorists to expect an increase in the amount of traffic during the morning and afternoon commute.

MSHP also reminds motorists that on a two-lane road, you must stop when meeting or following a bus that is stopped and has warning signals displayed. Children may enter the roadway unexpectedly, a MSHP release states.

Students are advised by MSHP to always remain alert while walking to school, and to use sidewalks if available.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about how to rid a bus, walk or drive to school in a safe manner, a release states.

In 2022, two people were killed and 361 injured in traffic crashes that involved a school bus, according to a release.

In 2022, 884 traffic crashes involved school buses.

Most traffic crashes involving young drivers under 21 happen between 3-4 p.m., when school typically gets let out, a release states.

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