Sheriff’s department reports July calls

Fulton Sun file photo of Callaway County Sheriff's Office patrol car.

The Callaway County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday released the calls for service data for July, 2023.

Throughout the month, deputies traveled more than 66,256 miles for patrols and investigations within the county. This is a slight increase from June, when 66,057 miles were traveled.

A total of 2,264 calls for service were recorded for July. This is a decrease from June, when 2,476 calls were recorded.

The titles for the calls for service are generated by the Joint Communications Center, which generates the title based on the initial information provided by dispatch. The Joint Communications Center is separate from the Callaway County Sheriff's Office.

The highest-recorded calls for service are as follows, attempt to locate, 10; jail transport -- commit to DOC, 10; remove subject, 11; abandoned vehicle, 13; alarm/residence, 14; animal complaint, 14; court detail, 14; citizen assist, 17; trespassing, 17; K9 training, 18; serve ex-parte adult, 18; serve garnishment, 18; assist/fire, 19; harassment, 20; assist/ambulance, 21; motorist assist, 21; alarm/business, 22; business check, 22; domestic disturbance, 22; check subject, 24; stealing, 26; traffic hazard, 26; verbal dispute, 27; NON-EST court order, 29; attempted PO service, 38; civil complaint, 42; check well being, 47; warrant arrest, 52; register sex offender, 54; suspicious activity, 56; records request, 57; serve subpoena, 67; administrative detail, 69; serve summons, 77; assist other agency, 79; security patrol, 89; follow up, 124; seeking information, 126; t-traffic/moving violation, 154; officer information, 157; and 911 hangup/verification, 181.