Local band finds family in each other

Andrea Merritt/Fulton Sun The band members of Double Vision — Brandon Smith and twins Bryce and Beau Edwards — pose for a photo.

Members of the Double Vision band are more than just colleagues, they are family.

Double Vision, a classic rock band, is made up of three members, Brandon Smith, 32, and twin brothers, Bryce and Beau Ewards, 18.

Smith plays drums, Beau plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and sings and Bryce plays bass guitar. The band plays covers of songs from bands like Nirvana and Green Day.

Before the twin brothers were bandmates with Smith, they were his students.

Beau was only 4 years old when he begged his mother Julie Edwards to get him into guitar lessons. She thought it was "just a phase," but by the time both twins were six years old; she gave in.

Julie found Smith on Craigslist and enrolled Beau in his guitar lessons. Then a year later, Bryce began drum lessons.

The boys did lessons every week, but it naturally over time turned into rehearsals, Smith said.

"Like it just got to the point where they really didn't need me to teach them anymore," Smith said. "They would show up and be like, 'Hey, we learned this, now you learn it.'"

The band's first show was when the twins were only eight years old at the MizzouThon, which supports the Children Miracle Network. They played in front of "thousands of college students," Bryce said.

"Overall my good memories were just watching these guys overcoming fears and stuff that you have as little kids playing in front of thousands of people," Smith said. "And like, also watching them overcome mistakes and rehearsing the day of the show."

The band recalled one of their favorite memories is when Bryce wrote "we need a drummer" on his chest at "eight or nine years old", then went crowd surfing.

This fun-loving attitude has continued into adulthood for the band. The band still describes themselves as "goofy and silly."

Although, the twins' quick learning and love of music haven't come without struggles.

The boys were born 14 weeks early and had to be on life support for many weeks after birth.

This led to Bryce having multiple surgeries and physical disabilities throughout life. This "hasn't let it stop him" from playing music, Julie said.

"They're living proof, anybody can do this," Smith said. "Anybody can play music."

Since the band has gone through good and bad times together, they feel more like a family than a band, they all said.

"I'd say it's like a family," Beau said. "We're not related, but we're basically related. But yeah, we've known each other all our lives and were super comfortable around each other."

Julie also mentioned how close Smith has become to their family.

"You know, Brandon's just like family to us," Julie said. "We love him just like we love our other family members."

The future of the band is unknown since the boys will be graduating high school next year.

However, the band is set to play at the Fulton Kiwanis Club 100-anniversary celebration on Aug. 26.