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Fulton in process of applying for All-America City Award

by Rochelle Eiselt | October 28, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
City of Fulton's Public Information Officer Michael Shine discusses the All-America City Awards the city is in the process of applying for during a Kiwanis meeting Thursday at 1851 Underground Tap & Grill.

The city of Fulton is in the process of applying for an award.

City of Fulton Public Information Officer Michael Shine said the city is working on their application for the award right now and will apply for the award every year if the city doesn't get the award next year.

The All-America City Awards is given to 10 cities every year all across the country. The award started in the 1940's.

If the city wins the award, Fulton would be one of two cities in Missouri to receive it in the last decade, he said. The last city in Missouri to win the award was in Kansas City.

Shine said there are two aspects in the application process.

The city needs to include three projects they are working on and those projects can be up to five years.

One of the projects needs to reflect the theme this year of youth and civic engagement.

In addition to the projects, Shine said an essay will be sent in with the application explaining who the city of Fulton is, what goals the city has, and what direction the city wants to be going in.

The essay would describe how the city and community come together to figure out solutions to problems the city is facing, for example.

Shine said the city would like to have open meetings, forums, and town halls that start the conversation with the community on what the city will do.

He said the city is interested in the community and making sure their voices are heard.

"Our primary focus is supporting collaboration and figuring out the city's identity," Shine said.

Benefits of the award include economic stimulus. Finalists and winners have seen increases in tourism and grants.

The award reinvigorates communities with a new sense of pride, accomplishment and teamwork.

Winning the All-America City Award also raises the profile of local efforts and puts communities on a national stage.

Applications are due in mid-February.

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