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Fulton Afghan families thankful to be part of community

by Rochelle Eiselt | November 18, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Sardar Sherzad, whose 15 years in Fulton have been invaluable in the resettlement of six families from their native Afghanistan, presented during Rotary's Thanksgiving program Wednesday.

Sherzad said during the presentation to make our hearts and minds aware of our heritage and to protect its values.

He talked about showing kindness in society to those who are most vulnerable and also talked about caring for the world for future generations.

He said everyone should appreciate the community and all of those that live in it.

The Rotary Club of Fulton has led resettlement efforts in Callaway County.

The Fulton Afghan Resettlement Committee has helped settle five families (10 adults and 29 children) in Callaway County.

"I thank you for all the support," he said, as the families now have a home in Fulton.

The families said it has been a good journey to Fulton as they feel at home and like the community they now live in.

Families that have resettled to the area from Afghanistan have adjusted and found jobs, he said.

The Fulton Afghan Resettlement Committee has helped secured housing, furnishings, food and clothing among many things. They have met refugee families when they arrive at airports, connected them with local services and familiarized them with everything that makes Fulton and Callaway County special.

The committee has been committed to integrating the Afghan refugees into the community by enrolling children in schools, helping them obtain jobs, and providing transportation to appointments and shopping trips.

"In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful to be a part of this great group and this great community in this little town of Fulton," he said.

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