Fulton Public Schools getting new vending machines

The Fulton Public School Board recently agreed to install new vending machines in the middle and high school cafeteria areas.

Middle school and high school students will now have the opportunity to purchase smart snack items from a snack area daily during lunchtime, as well as before and after school.

Amy Lee, director of food services at Fulton Public Schools, said the idea for vending machines came from staffing issues.

When the food service department looked at labor issue solutions, one of the ideas was to bring in vending machines that are supplied and stocked by an outside company.

Having the vending machines available will free up the person working in the snack area, if needed.

The food service department looked for a company that would supply the machine at no cost, fill it on a regular basis and deal with any maintenance issues.

The food service department met with two different companies and recommended Canteen Service from Jefferson City.

The school district signed an agreement with Canteen Service of Central Missouri, which will give the district 10 percent of net sales from the machines.