Fulton schools start drive to increase attendance

Fulton School District is working on an attendance-awareness campaign.

Amanda Miles, coordinator of school and community programs for the district, said the goal is to have 90 percent of students attending 90 percent of the time.

Chris Hubbuch, assistant superintendent, said the district is trying to make attendance a priority.

The mission is to foster conditions where students are excited to attend, feel safe and positive at school, and engaging parents and caregivers.

The program will achieve consistency across the district, address concerns and what the action looks like.

During the last decade, on average proportional attendance of students attending 90 percent or more has been at 84 percent districtwide, Hubbuch said.

The rate of 84 percent equates to students missing 27 days of school each year.

"It's a campaign designed to improve awareness," Hubbuch said.

Fulton was ranked 513 out of 558 districts or charters in 2020 for statewide proportional attendance.

Signage about the program will be posted around the school for students to see on a daily basis. Outdoor signs and interior signs for all six buildings will be put up.

Miles said social media posts about the campaign will also be posted to the school district's social media page. Those posts have already started.

It's not just about the first 18 years of your life but about the rest of your life on why attendance is important, Hubbuch said.

Andy Bonderer, school board member, said attendance has been on their radar for a long time, and it's a good thing the problem is being addressed now.

Hubbuch said the next steps will be the district committee reviewing the program.