wyriontair 4 years, 1 month ago on NB to offer summer school

All schools should offer a summer school program whether a student is falling behind or not. Summer school programs could help ALL students either progress or maintain their knowledge. In this day of the internet, the New Bloomfield school board should also set up a website for parents to be able to contact them. Some parents cannot attend meetings and the board seems to change dates sometimes and parents that can attend don't know when they are. Personally, I'd like to see school all year long with short breaks. I would also like to see the board acquire parent input into retaining a teacher or not and get rid of tenure.


wyriontair 4 years, 2 months ago on Teacher group opposes state NCLB waiver

I find this interesting that when NCLB was signed into law, the majority of teachers complained over and over against it. Now they oppose a waiver? I'd sure like to see teachers organizations just tell their members to get back to basics and teach like they did before organizations existed, children did a whole lot better then.


wyriontair 4 years, 2 months ago on Tramel predicts no major budget cuts for NB

Since our property taxes were increased, I hope they don't waste any of it. Maybe some of the funds can be used to set up a link to the Board Members so people that are unable to get to board meetings can contact them via the internet or set up a phone "town hall" which has become popular by our Representives. For the most part New Bloomfield has good schools, it still has a few issues though that should not be ignored.