wyrenyth 5 years, 2 months ago on Can Prop B be fixed?

Nope, but any intelligent person should have a big, big problem with the HSUS.

Stop assuming that the sheep who are for you are the smart ones, and that every intelligent person who questions every step the HSUS makes are the dumb ones.

ANY breeder can tell you that there IS no money in breeding. Period. Anybody who can't figure that out either deserves to be shut down, or eventually gets out of it.

If you cared as much about the dogs as you claim to, maybe the HSUS should start spending some of that $19 million+ it's bringing in every year to educate people about why you should adopt, or what you should look for in a LEGITIMATE breeder, and less money on propaganda and misleading legislature. Or, if you really have to play the legislative game, how about leash laws and spay and neuter laws? Those would make a much bigger impact.