sneezy 3 years, 11 months ago on Fulton man arrested after drug raid on home

When are the people of Fulton and Callaway County going to wake up and realize that the police departments work for the people. Let them know we won't take this kind of behaviour from the departments, county or city. Let them know the killing of our people or animals will not be tolerated any more. Stand up people. Go to the State governing commisions, go to the attorney general. No stupid charge or investigation is worth putting lives of people or animals in jeopardy! High speed chases over a beer, a little marijuana or breaking into peoples houses for stupid misdemeanors gives the Fulton Gestapo a thrill and front page features but puts all our citizens in harms way! No one is safe with out of control policing departments! Isn't Mr. Simpsons death and now these dogs enough to get you people on your feet?