sarah barnett

sarah2005 5 years, 6 months ago on Both sides passionate about Prop B

Prop B doesn't replace anything, it simply stengthens current regulations and adds to them, making enforcement more likely. Read the measure for yourself, and you will see it is only about dogs. These scare tactics are simply attempts by the opposition to make the issue about something it is not, because it is far more difficult to defend the cruelty.

Additionally, it does not make sense for non-profits to fund regulatory interests. (I also don't think that's legal, but am not sure on that) It applies to both licensed and unlicensed breeders, and is desperately needed in Missouri.

I encourage everyone tomorrow to get out and vote in Missouri - and read the measure for yourself before you do, you will see that it is just about dogs in puppy mills. Nothing more. Nothing less. http:/