April Wimmer

poeracing 5 years ago on Student’s parents file suit against SoCal school district

BOTH of my boys were diagnosed with ADHD. My youngest was in kindergarten and I got calls everday about his behavior-throwing chairs, not wanting to listen, etc. I was having the same problems at home. As a parent I took my boys to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed them with ADHD. Then started the part to help control the behavior, it was trial and error on medication. Once we found what worked it sure did help with grades and concentrating at school. My oldest was also in special services for extra help in other areas. Once I got diagnosis from a doctor I talked to school officials and my boys got the accomodations to suit them. Like one comment I didn't know it was the school's responsibilty to diagnosis a child, they are no medical professionals. Have they taken the child to a doctor?? Apparently they don't want to admit maybe their child may have a problem. I do not agree with the Miller's at all. I think they are trying to get money!


poeracing 5 years, 4 months ago on Nursing home residents befriend SoCal fourth graders

My kids did this when they were in 4th grade at South Callaway and enjoyed visiting with the folks at Riverview. My kids said they (the residents) had interesting stories to tell. It's nice for the kids to interact with the residents and vice versa. Both young and old enjoy the day and learn as well.